Bay View is a female-owned, family managed business that utilizes the strategies and techniques the principals have employed over the years, as they have purchased, rented and managed real estate in the Baltimore area.

Since we have years of experience finding, selecting, purchasing and rehabbing properties, as well as experience working with Federal and Maryland Voucher programs, we can offer a seamless, full-service solution to your real estate investing needs.

Bay View Realty offers a unique investment opportunity in which the investor has full control over the business. From the selection of the house in your neighborhood of choice and price range, through purchasing process, up to and including finding well-qualified tenants, our company makes the renting process much easier and effective for you.

Our knowledge is further enhanced by our commitment to honesty, integrity and client satisfaction, our unique international investor perspective and our desire to “do well by doing good” in Baltimore communities.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Here is what our clients have to say:

"Dear Tanya, I cannot thank you enough for all your help with selling my house and buying a new one. Your energy, understanding, and kindness are simply incredible! Truly, there are no words to adequately describe your professionalism, your sense of your humor, and your unwavering dedication to clients. Thanks so, so much." by Milena Trust, Assistant Attorney General

"Tanya, I just wanted to thank you again for all your effort, positiveness, dedication and professionalism! You are truly at the right place! I had zero doubts in you since the first time we met, and you were helping me with every tiny detail and assisted me with every question that I ever had. I with you many more big sales in your career and welness and prosperity to you and your family. Our daily conversations will be missed." by Dmitriy Spchinevskiy

"Dear Tanya, I was really lucky to find you to help me buy my new house. You are a hard worker, good adviser, and cheerful person. Thank you, really appreciate your efforts." by Sahar Bashi Ismail, Johns Hopkins International Department

"Tanya Hall and her team provide extraordinary approach to marketing your home that is incomparable to anyone else. The Drone video is amazing and provides a virtual tour that showcases all aspects of your home in vivid aerial and still photography. My home sold in 10 days! She was available 24/7 to answer any question, provide counsel, and followed every detail to assure the bank, Title Company, and lenders were all coordinated. Closing was efficient and provided my lender with all documentation for settlement on my out of state home. That's why I wrote this endorsement for Bay View Realty. An Outstanding and Professional team." by Ronald Suski The Susk

Tanya Hall Personal Story

Before I explain how my family’s Real Estate Investment plan is a success for our family and how I helped other families to become investment property owners and landlords, let me tell you a few things about me. I moved to Baltimore from Ukraine in 1998 with a 6 year old child in my hands and $2000 in my pocket. At first I struggled to find my place in this county and a good job. It was a difficult time for me. I was jumping from job to job. Finally, in 2004 I decided to try for myself real estate. And who would’ve thought that I would absolutely love it! It was the best move I’ve ever made.

Since I always believed that knowledge is power, I continued my education by getting a Master Degree in Marketing from Johns Hopkins University (Carey Business School) and then in 2011 I’ve got my Maryland Broker’s License. It was always my dream to work for myself, so in 2012 I’ve opened my own Real Estate Brokerage – Bay View Realty.

After being a real estate agent for more than 7 years and seeing my husband’s Mutual Fund stock investments lose value with each passing year, I started to think about other ways to invest money. That is when I saw a unique opportunity in Baltimore City to invest in real estate. There were a lot of very inexpensive properties that needed minor repair. I decided to start with one house. I cashed our mutual funds, bought a house, repaired it and rented it out. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Now we were getting over 10% a year! Much more than any mutual fund could return. My husband was very happy. So I started to buy more and more houses. The great thing about this was that I no longer need to rely on a Wall Street stock broker.

A few years later my mother sold her apartment in Ukraine and moved to the USA. In Ukraine she used to work as a musical professor in the Conservatory for 35 years. As an older immigrant lady who does not speak English, it was very hard for her to find an extra income or a job. She needed something safe, stable and simple to invest her money. An income producing property was the best fit. She was so impressed with my success she decided to invest in rental property too and she wasn’t disappointed. Next, as a smart woman she took the income from the first property and invested it in another property! She now has two income producing rental properties and is saving for a third one.

Real Estate ownership is also beneficial to those working towards their Green Card and Citizenship. Property ownership in the United States has its rewards of a safe and secure place to put your money and taking an active part in the American Dream! My brother still lives in Eastern Europe, but because of the unstable government, banking system and uncertain economic climate has found piece of mind by investing in rental properties in Baltimore City, Maryland, USA.

Of course I was doing all the property management for my mother. My brother also invested into the rental business. Now I had too many properties on my hands and no help with maintenance and paperwork. I needed help! That is when I decided to partner up with another investor creating a property Management Company. Now, I don’t have to worry about a renter calling me in the middle of the night or even worse, when I am on vacation complaining that his toilet is not working.

As an immigrant in this country I know how hard it is for us to get anywhere in life and to save money for our children’s education and our retirement. I am so thankful that I don’t have to worry about my family’s income in this unstable market where so many people are losing their job. I feel that it is my mission in life to help as many people as I can and make Baltimore City a safer and better place. If you are a person who desires to take charge of their life and future, who does not trust the Stock Market, but needs a safe income producing investment to “PARK” your money and have it available at a later date for your children’s education, or other future needs, then investing in income producing real estate is for you!

Tanya Hall
Licensed Maryland Real Estate Broker